July 17, 2016

Dig Gig

The Dig Gig is our company's annual summer party...all of our sales managers are in town for that whole week, and we have a company-wide celebration on Thursday evening of that week each year. It changes from year to year, but this year, we had a Skatin Party!

It was held at the Skatin Place, which is owned by our Chief Financial Officer
and her husband. All these years that I've lived here, I have never been here and it
ended up being a lot of fun!! About half the people skated...which was much more
than I had anticipated! We had dinner first underneath a big white tent set up in the
Skatin Place parking lot, catered by TaMolleys. We dined on fajitas, refried beans,
spanish rice, guacamole and chips, and sopapillas. Yummy! It was quite toasty out there...
we were all very sweaty by the time we headed inside to skate.
I had not skated in...well, a very, very long time! I can't even remember the last time.
Junior high maybe?? But, I did skate quite a bit growing up. It felt a bit awkward
at first, but it was just like riding a bike really...the movement came back pretty quickly.
And then I had so much fun going round and round and skating with friends!!
The Mister didn't skate -- he is well into his marathon training plan and is in really
great shape right now! He didn't want to risk hurting himself. So, he stayed off the
wheels and chatted with the others who didn't skate.
Me and my friend Angie had lots of fun skating together! This is a selfie taken mid-skate!
The lighting inside was fairly dark, which makes getting movement shots really difficult. All that I took were very blurry. Kim took this one of me, and though it is grainy and kind of blurry, it's the best we could get!
A lot of people were actually very good skaters! Our friend Nick was one of them!
He grew up in the North (MN) playing hockey, so he was zooming all around!
Me and my friend Jane! There's a story here, read below! :)
Throughout the evening, I helped a few people get started on skating. Lots of people had never done it before! But, I ended the evening with quite a BANG! My friend Jane, above, is Jamaican and grew up there. She had never skated before -- ever. I had asked her a few times if she planned to skate, and it was always a big NO. About 20 minutes before our party was over, she came up to me and asked, "If I put on some skates, will you help me?" Well I said sure! So, she put on skates and we ventured out to the floor. It was a very foreign feeling for her, and she couldn't get her feet to move correctly. Our friend Alvino came up and held her other arm, and helped her around the loop too. Him on one side, me on the other...pretty much pulling her around the loop. Right as we neared the end, I'm not even sure what happened...but before I knew it, Jane was going down, and pulling me with her! One second I was up, the next second I was down...first onto my right hip, then onto my left elbow, then my head hitting the floor. And my glasses flying off! It was quite a spectable to behold, I am sure!!! Some very nice person brought me my glasses (I have no idea who, I was quite dazed), and someone helped me to my feet and over to the wall. And then I started feeling like I had been in a fight...and lost! Jane was so apologetic, and I know she didn't do it on purpose...it was all so crazy!!

I currently have a beauty of a bruise on my hip and elbow, both sore to the touch. But luckily that is the extent of it. With my elbow, if it had been about an inch to the left, I would've landed right on the elbow bone and it probably would have broken. So, I am good. And though I hit my head, I never really had any soreness from that so -- I got lucky!!

The owner of the skating rink even called me the next morning to check on me!!! Very sweet. The Dig Gig was really fun, I enjoyed the skating!!!

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