September 14, 2016

Short Bullets

:: Long long glad the evening has finally arrived!

:: We had some VIPs in the building and we presented from 3:45 on...and so I missed my afternoon stomach was growling so loudly during the presentation!!! I didn't have much energy for my workout after work, but I am inhaling a pre-dinner snack as we speak! This was the first time on this Whole30 where I felt like gorging on junk junk junk. It took all of my energy to choose a cutie orange and some cashews.

:: For dinner, we are having crockpot orange chicken, rice, and squash. It's a new recipe, we shall see how it turns out!

:: Tomorrow after work I'm getting my hair done...finally...these grays have gotta go!

:: And for now I apologize...I feel fairly brain dead lately, and my posts haven't been very jazzy...maybe I'll get my jazzy back soon! Until then...signing off for tonight...

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