September 13, 2016

Time is Dragging

:: How is it possible that it feels as though it should be Thursday? But it's only Tuesday? Time is moving slowly this week.

:: Tonight we are having hamburgers on Hawaiian buns, roasted potatoes, and baked beans for dinner...I'm looking forward to it!

:: I received my proofreader's round of revisions, and it is pretty minor stuff. Final round!! I may work on those this evening, if I find some energy. It's tough to be on the computer in the evenings, after being on it all day long at work.

:: I'm bummed, my good Canon camera is getting the dreaded Error 99 code -- unfortunately, that could mean any number of things. I tried a few "fixes" that I found online but nothing worked. So, I need to try to find a camera shop that can work on it. I don't think that Abilene has one though.

:: We were invited to a dinner party on the 24th, so we are looking forward to that!! Three other couples and us, at our favorite Smiths' fun!

:: I am struggling with this month's book club selection...I'm hardly into it at all, and just can't seem to find the interest to read it. I need to push through a little bit and get farther in. It's a Pulitzer Prize winning book, it has to be good right!!? I've got Me Before You waiting in the wings and really want to read that one. thing at a time :) I also signed up for a book study at work over the book #struggles...that should be a good one. We'll meet once a week to discuss, during lunch...

:: Time to dine with the family! Good night!

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