October 19, 2016

Drag Races!

Here I am to tell you about our fun day at the drag races!

We got up bright and early and made our way to the race track, which was about 20 minutes away. The thing we like about the track is that it is very organized with the parking (which is free!) -- it is never hard to get in or get out. We found our spot, and started the trek to the entrance.

We had our same seats that we've had the past two years, and also pit passes. So when we arrived, we made our first rounds through the pit to see if there was anything to see. Then we grabbed some breakfast and ate, before making our way to our seats to watch some races. We really enjoyed the day, there is just something about all that loud engine noise and the smell of nitro!

We decided we wanted to come back the next day to watch some of the Finals races -- which we have never done before! We sat on the opposite side, which we have also never done. It was much less crowded over on that side, so that was nice! It was fun watching the drivers move up and up in the rotation.

And the sun...there was a lot of it, causing sunburn. On Saturday it was quite nice for awhile though, with clouds and fog and chilly temps. It just didn't last that long!

We ate but we didn't gorge ourselves...we had: a huge breakfast burrito that we shared; a quesadilla for Chris and chicken tenders/fries for me for lunch; a cotton candy snowcone for a treat for me; a huge corn dog for Chris; some beers for Chris; and Sunday lunch was burgers and fries. Outside of the track, we went for sushi for Saturday dinner, and our Air BB hostess made us a delicious omelet and bacon for Sunday breakfast!

Us in the parking lot, excited to head inside!
This girl really cracked me up. She was assisting the driver as
he waited to race, and she took her job very seriously.
Our delicious breakfast burrito
The John Force team...

This is always my favorite food place, it is so fun and festive!
This year, Papa John's is sponsoring a race car, and he was there in
their pit stall! It was pretty fun to see him in the flesh!
Leah Prichett is the Papa John's driver...we were able to see her working
on her gas before racing. It was quite a process. And great to see another woman driver!
On our second rotation through the pit, we were able to see John Force pretty close as he was driving off to an interview. We also spotted his daughters (also drivers) Courtney and Britney...
Cotton candy snow cone -- I quite enjoyed it! Boy, it was sweet though.
This was on Sunday, watching some of the Finals! Vroom vroom!
The view was different from this side -- I felt like it was closer
to the cars and I kind of liked it better!
We left around 2:00 to head home, because we both had some things to take care of at home before the work week. We had such a great time!!

Next, I'll share our fabulous Air BnB with you!!!

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