October 20, 2016

The Ranch - Air BnB

We had another great experience with Air BnB! The 500 acre ranch we stayed in while in Ennis was so unique! And the hostess, Liz, was a joy! She was artsy and chatty and we enjoyed talking with her and hearing her story. She and her ex-husband built the house together, and her mother had a back portion of the house that had a separate entrance and bathroom. That was the room we stayed in and it was so uniquely decorated! Kind of an oriental flair, but also just some random interesting things.

I think the best way to tell you about this place is through pictures! So let's dive in!

We drove out into the middle of nowhere, and came upon this
gate with a keypad -- Welcome to the Ranch! We entered the code that
Liz supplied and pulled onto the 500 acre property. We arrived around 10:00 pm.
The first thing we saw when we pulled in -- the donkeys and the llamas!!
What a wonderful greeting! Perfect.
This was the entrance to our room, from the side patio...it was so pretty with the
twinkle lights! There was also a huge fountain that sounded wonderful!
The bedroom was so quaint...the bed was very comfy, though extremely squeaky!!
We didn't sleep well the first night because each time someone moved, it woke the
other one up. But she oiled it up and the second night was perfect. There was a hand painted
mural on the wall behind the bed, along with a microwave and a mini fridge.
On the wall opposite the bed was an intricate display of decorative tins...
all shapes and sizes, and from Liz's mother's collection.
This was one of the most "interesting" piece in the room! And there were two of them!
The door that exited onto the patio
The thought the wood floor was so pretty and different! I had never seen anything like it.
This was Zed! He was huge and very, very hairy! And he really wanted all the
love so he jumped all over us! I loved his little ponytail on top of his head!
This was the gorgeous breakfast that Liz made for us! A spinach and cheese omelet
with crispy bacon. We were able to eat in her kitchen, and chat with her while we ate.
This was CeCe -- she was soooo fluffy! And very spunky. Liz also runs a dog
kennel, and CeCe was one of her boarders.
This was the friendliest donkey...the others were pretty guarded.
This one liked the carrots we brought and wanted lots of petting from me!
Since the donkeys were more guarded, we stayed with the fence between us...
but I loved this moment with this sweet one...
There was a beautiful tank right outside the fence...and the first morning I woke up
and this was my view. The donkeys all gathered up around it. Majestic! She had about
8 donkeys and they seemed to be broken up into two groups...this one,
and then one that hung out with the llamas.
These were her goats! They were in rut (heat) so they were quite loud --
the male goats broke down a fence to get to the girls!
This was the view of the house from tank...
The area where the goats and the guinea/chickens lived
The view of the house from the front gate
The cool thing -- we were Liz's first guests!! So that was fun too! We would definitely stay at this place again if we were back in Ennis...the only thing I did NOT like -- there were about 10 wild cats. TEN!!!!!!!!! Luckily, they were not interested in us so they didn't come close or try to get in our laps. But that really kind of freaks me out...stupid cats!

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