October 23, 2016

Home from Another Wonderful Weekend

And, another amazing weekend draws to a close!

We had such a fun few days in Fredericksburg! We have never traveled there with another couple before, and this trip, we traveled with TWO couples! It was a lot of fun! We are the veteran Fredericksburg locals, for all intents and purposes...so we had fun showing them all the things we do normally.

I'll be working this week on posts about our trip...the amazing Air BnB house we stayed in...and all the fun and food and wine we enjoyed! It was all really quite lovely!

We got home this afternoon around 3:00, and set about getting long lists of things accomplished before 8:00 -- because tonight, The Walking Dead returns from a many month hiatus...and we are sooooooooooooo excited!!! Only a half hour to go! We are pretty certain that one of the main, beloved characters is going to die in this episode...we are concerned. Eeek! So excited the new season is here!

The week ahead...I'm having lunch with my bestie tomorrow, and Book Club is Thursday at Nadene's house. The book turned out to be a quick, decent read, though there isn't a lot to discuss. Then Friday is our Halloween luncheon at work and we'll be dressing up in our group costume! Should be a good week ahead...and no plans for the weekend! Which will be nice. I am hoping that I am finally get to the theater to see The Girl on the Train!!!

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