October 24, 2016

Monday Fun Day

:: Working this evening on getting photos ready for the first Fredericksburg post! Hopefully tomorrow.

:: Work was good today...stress-free and productive. I'm ready for a few more days just like it. Yes please!

:: I had lunch with my Bestie Kim today -- we enjoyed Subway and lots and lots of talking. Love that girl!

:: My eating is going well -- I enjoyed some good food this weekend, and had no trouble today getting right back on track. I am more and more convinced that it's corn products. For me. That is my downfall, and I think if I keep it out of my diet, I can carry this on indefinitely. I'm sure going to test my theory out! I've made a "rule" for myself and the only time I will indulge in popcorn is at the movie theater. We rarely go to the theater, so it will be a nice treat...and rare.

:: Watching The Voice, and  some of the ones I like are going home...boo!!

:: That's all for now...going to work on a post for tomorrow!

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