October 25, 2016

Fredericksburg Post 1 -- Agarita Haus

First things first! I want to share our Air BnB find with you! The Agarita Haus!

It was so, so cute...Julie did a great job finding it. Online, it looked a lot smaller than it actually was...we were pleasantly surprised!! There were three bedrooms and two bathrooms...a cozy kitchen and living room...and an awesome backyard that had a hot tub and a fire pit! It had a lot of Fredericksburg charm, that's for sure! It was also very close to Main Street...just a very short drive!

The house was a pretty green, and had quaint details like the star
trim across the front. There were rocking chairs along the front
porch too, along with a wooden arch at the end of the sidewalk.
The kitchen had a white farm sink, and lots of cute details!
It was decorated in red and turquoise, with roosters and chickens.
They also had a dome of muffins and cupcakes waiting for us!
They had the kitchen stocked with some goodies for us too...lots of drinks in the 
fridge like sodas, juices, milk, and water. There was also some cranberry
coffee cake, some little boxes of cereal, and some frozen pancakes.
The living room had a wood floor, with a comfy couch and this comfy chair, along with a.
rocking chair. There was also a big tv and an electrical heater that looked like a fireplace. So cozy.
This was a pretty fall display in the dining room...this was a neat room --
instead of wallpaper, it was papered in sheets of music. What a unique touch!
There were a lot of antiques throughout the house...this fun chair was one of my favorite pieces.
The main bathroom was very Texas and rustic...I preferred this
extra bathroom! It was crisp with white and turquoise, and this toilet -- wow!
When you pulled that chain, there was quite a whooosh!
Our bedroom had this massive four poster bed! It was very comfy!
The floor on one side had a bit of a slant to it, ha!
The backyard, with the hot tub and fire pit! We spent
some time here both evenings. Very relaxing!
And just for fun -- I really loved the colors in this one -- so striking!
This bush was out in front of our little house.
We would definitely stay here again! But only with some other couples...split three ways, this house was about the same price as a hotel for two nights...it was perfect! Air BnB has yet to let us down...if you haven't given it a try, you should!!

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