October 17, 2016

Life Today

:: Back to work today...Chris had a very, very busy day full of a very, very long all-day meeting...and now he is out to dinner with the Board too. Long day for him. My day was normal.

:: I'm taking a break from cardio this week, and am instead doing weight. I need to switch it up and I think this will help. This evening's workout was good.

:: Gilmore Girls is getting good! I'm well into season 3...

:: I got our Book Club book today and started on it at lunch. Should be interesting! I also have my two book studies to get read. Lots of reading. I also started another book, while waiting for this one to arrive (and that one is going good!!). That one will be on hold until Book Club is finished.

:: I had to do the grocery shopping this evening after work, and it was my first time actually going into a grocery store for over a month now...it did feel kind of nice, and thankfully it wasn't too crowded. I picked up some sushi for my dinner, and now I'm watching Gilmore Girls...

:: That's about all I've got...

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