November 17, 2016

Almost Vacation Time!

:: One more day of work to go! And then -- VACATION!!!!!! I haven't had a chunk of time off since June, so I'm looking very forward to it!

:: As part of my vacation, I'll be taking a break from, Happy Thanksgiving to all and I will return on 11-27-16!

:: This evening, my bestie Kim hosted a Craft Night at the office for our coworkers -- it was a lot of fun and she had a great turnout! I made some very cute Santa ornaments! There was also a cute wooden painted sign that some chose to create. A very nice way to spend the evening and start the Christmas festivities!

:: Chris had a very long treadmill run this evening, so once I got finished with my crafts I went back to the workout center to wait on him. I was able to get some Gilmore Girl watching done! Then we got home around 7:30 -- thank goodness for meal prepped meals!!

:: Now I am doing laundry and doing some odds and ends...

:: Hope you all have a great holiday!!

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