November 16, 2016

hump day

:: Twas a long of my favorite people on my team turned in her 2 weeks notice today. It was quite unexpected, and makes me sad. I love her! She and her husband are moving to Dallas to be closer to family. The 30th will be her last day.'s changes.

:: I had a good workout this evening and watched some Gilmore Girls!

:: Awhile back, we switched Poppy to some different food, because she didn't want to eat the old stuff any longer. She seemed to like the new stuff better, but now she seems to have skin irritation. She is scratching so much, endlessly. I talked to the vet and they recommended taking her off that food and trying something different for a few weeks to see if that improves the situation. We bought some Blue Buffalo, and shall start her on that tomorrow. She is very finicky, so I hope she will eat it! Fingers crossed that the itching goes away. She seems miserable.

:: Two more work days until vacation!!! And thankfully they will both be casual dress days! I've worn heels for the past three days and I'm done with that!! My 40 year old feet can't handle that any longer!

:: There are still a few hours left in my evening and I think I shall go find a way to enjoy them!!

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