November 28, 2016

Back to reality

:: Whew -- it was a MONDAY. A Monday AFTER VACATION. That means lots and lots of emails to weed through. I get so many emails in a day. I am caught up for the most part, but so exhausted!

:: And that means it is time to do more interviews for the two open positions I currently have -- Graphic Designer and Marketing Assistant, if you happen to know any qualified candidates!! Send them my way! And that also means I need to get started on preparing end of year reviews for my team...oh that takes a lot of time. I guess a high point is that with the two open positions, I now have two less reviews to do! #silverlining

:: I had an awful night last night...I went to bed and all was fine and then around 11:00 I was up with sneezing and asthma and runny nose and stuffy nose. It was horrible and I barely slept. I ended up going to the guest bedroom so that I didn't keep Chris up with all my racket. That was the last straw -- I went to our nurse practitioner today and got a steroid shot and a ZPac. Come on, work your magic!!! I need sleep tonight. I do not function well with no sleep. Trust me.

:: Today I received the outfit I bought to wear to our 50s themed work party!! It is super cute and it fits well yay! No reveal until after the party -- but I think you will like it!

:: I was also able to finalize my Lands' End order -- I was waiting on our new work logo to be finalized and now that it has been, I should be getting everything soon. I ordered a white cardigan and a red rain jacket! Can't wait to get them!

:: I will be getting my 16th Stitch Fix delivery this week! It was set for 11/30, but looks like it is a day behind. It's been a few months, and I am excited to get another one!!!

:: It's been a long day...back to reality...time to relax.

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