November 29, 2016

Just a Tuesday's how today went:

:: I had two interviews for our graphic design position -- both possible candidates!

:: I spilled a glass of water across my desk, effectively destroying my to-do list and a brand new legal pad.

:: I had a work lunch & learn during my lunch hour and missed leaving the building for that time...but did learn some good stuff about a new process we're incorporating.

:: I had some trouble with my asthma wasn't spraying right. I called the pharmacy, they told me to call the manufacturer. They didn't answer. Called the pharmacy back. They couldn't give me a refill yet because insurance didn't approve it so soon. I could purchase one at full cost, which was quite expensive. Hmmm. So at 5:00, I was getting wheezy...and when you are having trouble breathing you can panic pretty quick. I went over to the pharmacy, and he gave me a syringe so that I could try to unclog it. Headed home and worked on that inhaler for 30 minutes. All the while wheezing and getting more panicked by the second. Finally it cleared. Oh my!! Asthma isn't fun, kids.

:: Sadly, I had to skip zumba this evening because of the above. That doesn't make me happy.

:: But I did make a delicious beef stroganoff for dinner!! Yum!

:: Almost time for This is Us!!!

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