December 08, 2016

Halloween 2017 & Winning Lunch!

Well! It's about time I post photos from our Halloween contest at work! Slowly trying to catch up on all the photo posts I need to share!

Our department - Marketing - does something every year as a group. There is a contest, with different categories. We always try for the group award -- some years we win, some years we don't.

For this year, we decided to dress up as Food Mascots! It ended up being a lot of fun and very creative! And we won the group award too!!! Woo hoo!! That means that we got to have a departmental lunch at the place of our choosing...we chose Heff's Burgers, and enjoyed our outing for that too!

The crazy thing is -- this was on Halloween -- it is just now the beginning of December, and we have three of our department no longer with us! That is bizarre because we don't have a lot of turnout in our department...and now three practically all at once, for different reasons. Life is interesting!

Me as the Lucky Charms Leprachaun!
Susie as Dt. Coke!
Vanessa as Little Debbie!
Brooke as the Trix Rabbit!
Jessica as the Little Ceasers Pizza guy!
Becka as the Sunmaid Raisin girl!
Kathy as Chef Boyardee!
Aaron as the Burger King king!
Shaylee as Mr. Peanut!
Allison as the Hamburgler!
Jeff as the Blue M&M!
Victor as the Taco Bell Chihuahua!
Mac as Cap'n Crunch!
Emily as Wendy!
Jyl as Swiss Miss!
Heather as the Keebler Elf!
And just for fun, me and my Bestie! Their area was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
Lunch at Heff's! Jeff, Vanessa, me, Rob and Heather!
Aaron and Susie!
Mac & Jessica!
Allison and Emily!
Two posts this evening! Scroll down to see some bullet points from my day!

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