December 08, 2016

Just a Thursday

:: I made a lot of progress today on my batch of year-end reviews...I should hopefully be able to get them finished up tomorrow and I am scheduled to meet with my team on Monday and Tuesday...and one on Thursday!

:: We received a box of cookies today as a Christmas gift from one of our vendors...oh yum!! Snickerdoodles and chocolate chip and macadamia nut and sugar cookie with sprinkles. Mmm mmm! I enjoyed a sugar cookie after dinner and it was delish!

:: Feeling a tad better but still wish I had been able to take a nap today!! Hopefully tomorrow I will feel even better.

:: This weekend will be busy...on Saturday I need to Christmas shop and get some Christmas decorations put up at our house. I also need to get my car inspected and oil changed. Sunday, we are doing our annual photos for the Christmas card and then I need to get those ordered. We shall see about meal prep -- I may or may not have time.

:: For book club, we are reading The Glass Castle, which is a memoir. It has been a pretty interesting read so far! For Gilmore Girls, I am steadily making my way through season 6...I'm wanting to get through all 7 seasons so I can watch the new release on Netflix!

:: That's all I've ready for the weekend!!!!

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