December 07, 2016


I should just take a break from blogging this week -- I'm pretty worthless right now.

Sickie...drained...and this dreary weather just makes me want to hibernate.

I worked on reviews for the majority of my day. More to do tomorrow. Thankfully my team is down two people -- so two less reviews to do. They still take a lot of time though. And then I have to schedule times to meet with each person too.

Next week is Crazy Week. The sales managers will be in town all week long, and then we have our company-wide meeting and party on Thursday. We're doing lots this week to prepare for it, and then the week itself will be nuts. I hope I have all my energies back by then...say a little prayer for me!!!!

I need to sign up for my benefits for work online, and then I need to rest. I'm weary.

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