December 06, 2016


How is it not Friday yet?? Feels like it should be Friday. I'm tired.

:: Had an interview today and it went well! I'm hopeful so please say some prayers!

:: I missed zumba today because of the interview, so that is two weeks in a row...I miss it! It was for a good causes though!

:: I'm not feeling the best -- throat is sore and nose is runny. Feeling a bit ick.

:: I was a smart girl and put on the crockpot at lunch -- so we had yummy southwestern beef for dinner!

:: Watching a little Girls right now, and then at 8:00 This is Us will be on! It's the Fall finale, so it should be a doozey!! Helen Hunt apparently directed it. Can't wait!

:: I'm going to rest and bundle up in my fuzzy blanket -- needing to feel better!!! 

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