December 02, 2016

Stitch Fix #16

So, I took a few months off from getting Stitch Fix was a nice break and then I was so excited to get my 16th Fix!

There wasn't anything I was really hoping the only note I left for Kallie was to send cozy, baggy sweaters and stuff for winter. That's it!

I definitely got some goodies that I loved! Let's take a look!

Lucky Brand : Basel Double Sided Zipper Bootie -- $129.00

I actually just went through a search for some new brown was harder than I thought it would be but I finally bought some tan wedge booties. So I am no longer in the market for booties. And unfortunately, these are a bit pricey for my budget! But, I really like the style a lot! The color is great, with the fade-to-dark toes. And the quality is very good. They did have a little scratch on them, so if I had bought them I would've exchanged them for a different pair. VERDICT : Returned

Andrew Marc : Keru Puffer Vest -- $88.00

I was super excited to see this crisp white vest in my box!! I truly love puffers and actually had been looking at some white ones recently. I'm so glad I hadn't bought one yet, because this puffer is going straight into my closet! It has a detachable hood, and is very good quality. Love!! VERDICT : Kept!

41Hawthorn : Polah Striped Pullover -- $68.00

Seeing this sweater in my box was a bit confusing...mainly because I already have a 41Hawthorn sweater that is very, very similar to this one! It is gray with stripes on the sleeve, and stripes on the body. All similar colors. (The back of this one has stripes on it). This was a definite no right off the bat, because of the similarity. It also felt a bit sloppy to me. I like the sweater I have better than this one. VERDICT : Returned

Mak : Davici Cableknit Pullover -- $54.00

This sweater is just ok to me. The hunter green color isn't a fave (I DO love green but hunter is my least favorite!) In wanting some baggy, cozy sweaters, this one is just a bit too structured to me. Even though it did fit perfectly. Really, just too much of a basic for me. VERDICT : Returned

RD Style : Josslyn V-Neck Pullover -- $68.00

This sweater has a slouchy fit that I love! It's a little loose and very cozy. Perfect! The soft gray color is nice; a fun color would have been good too! I'm also a V-neck fan! Bonus -- Chris REALLY  likes this one!! VERDICT : Kept!

Two keepers! That's successful in my eyes! Super happy with my two selections. AND since I signed up for Stitch Fix's special program, I have a year of NO styling fees!! And that also gave me a credit to use on this order. Whoop!

Verdict : Happy girl!

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