January 26, 2017

Catch Up

So -- last night was Girl's Night! And Boy's Night!!

Chris and Nick spent the evening together and had lots of fun together! They had dinner at Vagabond pizza downtown, and then tried to go to the new whiskey bar. Sadly, it wasn't open. So they ended up at Fat Boss Pub instead and had a few drinks and talked talked talked. Those two...they could talk for hours. And deep stuff. No fluff. Love those two!

For Girl's Night, I met Kim and Angie at the theater and we saw La La Land! I was so excited to see this one! It's gotten quite the Oscar buzz, and I love whimsy! I thought it was a really great, fun flick! It was a musical, but not constantly...it was more like a movie with some musical elements throughout. Emma and Ryan are quite magical together, and Ryan was very charming in parts. Their singing and dancing were great! The beginning scene was also pretty awesome! It had a great story line, but I wasn't too fond of the ending. Very glad to have seen it! As for Oscar...I'm not too sure on that one! I will say though...I've been a tough critic lately on movies and shows and books. Nothing is quite doing it for me. Maybe I've become jaded :)

Speaking of shows...I finished The Crown this evening! I'm glad that I watched it, because I learned some intriguing things about the monarchy in England. There was so much political business throughout though...that dragged on a bit. I really enjoyed the story of Queen Elizabeth though. The actress who plays her is doing a great job. Season 2 will soon be coming out on Netflix...not sure if I will carry on with it or not. We shall see.

So not sure what is next for me, Netflix-wise. We shall see on that too.

Tomorrow is our luncheon at work. It is being catered by Skeet's. And then it will be time for the Pitbull concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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