February 23, 2017

Different Directions

This evening, we all went in different directions...

:: Chris had dinner with his bestie Nick at Tap House...they enjoy their time together a lot. Their friendship is special.

:: Mimi went to dinner at Olive Garden with an old friend.

:: I went to Book Club, and there was a lot of laughter...and more discussion about the book than I expected, considering no one really read/finished it! Our next one will be a light read, and I am going to get it tonight and start reading it. We had baked potatoes and key lime cake and blue bell vanilla ice cream -- it was very tasty!

:: Tomorrow is Friday and it will be our luncheon...looking forward to it. And so so so ready for the weekend.

:: Stranger Things -- well, it is living up to its name! It is getting stranger and stranger by the episode! I am enjoying it though...glad I chose to watch it!

:: I decided to start back up with my weekly layouts for Project Life...I had stopped back in mid-January, thinking I was done with that project and ready to move on. But, I've missed it. I miss being able to document all the little unique things that happen during our weeks. So, I'm back at it this week.

:: Time to enjoy some quiet...book club was loud and rowdy tonight, and that was a lot of stimulation for this girl.

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