February 22, 2017

Hump Day is Over

:: Today -- I made it through. Barely, I think. But through.

:: The VIP presentation went well...and a little quicker than normal, so that was nice!

:: Tonight I am trying a chocolate red wine that I found at a huge wine store in St. Louis over Thanksgiving...Choco Vine. It is pretty darn tasty. I don't really like red wine, but the wine hints are very subtle. It is definitely chocolatey.

:: Tonight, our meal prep is going to be pasta and roasted squash...mmm!

:: Last night, This is Us -- whew. It was so, so good. I got teary a few times. The writing on that show is just amazing. It is touching. I was so sad for William to die...he was one of my favorite characters, and even though I knew his death was coming (he had cancer)...man...it was still a tough one!

:: Tomorrow is book club -- we'll discuss the book that no one finished...and then I may begin reading the next month's selection. It's a light hearted novel, so should be a good, easy read.

:: So far, we've sold a decorative pillow and some dvds/cds...we are up to $35 so far, and the sale isn't even until Saturday :) Hopefully the sale will be a success!

:: Got the notification today that the 100 Mile Run album has printed and is shipping!!! Can't wait to receive it. Which reminds me that I haven't blogged about that run here yet. Need to do that soon! I'll also try to do a little reveal of these awesome new scrapbooks I'm doing...once I have this one in hand, that will be two and I can craft up a post about them.

:: Okay...time to eat! And possibly watch The Walking Dead! We weren't able to watch it Sunday. Need to catch up!

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