February 21, 2017

Making it through

I'm remembering why I love meal prep!!!!

This evening, I did the zumba class after work. Usually, after we cool down, I grab my bags and rush home so I can cook dinner, do dishes, and get my nightly routine completed.

Well, tonight, I stuck around in the locker room talking to the girls for a bit...and it felt good to be more social! The older I get, the less social I am...but it felt nice knowing that I didn't still have to cook when I got home. And then the meal was delicious (chicken stir fry) and there were no dishes. And here I am, waiting for This is Us to come on. Usually I have to pause it when it starts so I can get everything done before watching.

Love it.

Work was insane today. But I survived. Zumba was definitely the high point of the day.

This evening, I'm going to watch my show and go over notes for our VIP presentation tomorrow. And that's about it.

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