February 15, 2017

Just Another Day

:: Last night, I showed Chris all 133 of my scrapbook pages...he is always so good to look through them after I do them :) Now I can put them away in their albums...always fun!

:: Work was insane but productive today...I feel like I got a good amount done. I did work about an hour and a half late today, trying to catch up. I will probably work late tomorrow too.

:: Chris and I have a movie date on Friday evening! We are going to go see Split...looks so good! I don't like scary movies, so hopefully I can handle it. And not have nightmares afterwards!

:: I started watching Stranger Things on Netflix...it comes very highly recommended. I just started the second episode. Episode 1 was enough to peak my interest! It also seems like it might be a little scary, so I am going out on a limb here!!

:: I don't have much to report this evening...my head hurts a bit, and has all day. I may get these layouts filed away and then rest on the couch.

C'mon Thursday!

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