February 19, 2017

Weekend Recap

:: It was soooooooo nice being at home this weekend!!! I love to go and do and travel, we do so much fun stuff! But wow, I really needed some time at home to rejuvenate and feel normal.

:: Friday evening, we had gyros at Nikko's, mmmm! Then we had a movie date to see Split -- I was a little worried that it would be too scary for me, but I really, really liked it. It was a great story, and the lead guy was fantastic...he played a part that had 23 different personalities, and he nailed it. It wasn't scary enough for Chris -- but he did still like it!

:: Saturday morning, I did the grocery list and put in my pick up order with Walmart. Then Chris and I spent the remainder of the day getting everything ready for our declutter sale! We moved everything into our upstairs room over the shop, and got everything displayed nicely for easy shopping. Chris even made me a rack for the clothes! He's definitely handy to have around! Everything is all set, I just need to print up some pricing posters and tag the other items that will have different pricing. We're going to try to have our sale next Saturday -- hopefully a lot of people will come and buy some stuff! We'd like to make a little money, and also get rid of everything!!!

:: Saturday evening, we had dinner at JoJo's, the BBQ restaurant where Aspen works in Potosi. She's a hard worker, it was good to see her in action. The food was very good too -- I had the catfish, and the seasoning on the fish was so tasty! Then, we came home and had a relaxing evening.

:: Sunday, I picked up my Walmart groceries, stopped at a few other places, and then headed home to do meal prep for the upcoming week! It felt great to get back to it! And it makes me so happy to not have to cook all week now!!! With my crazy work life, and now with my boss on Sabbatical and having to cover for his workload now too, I'm going to need all the help I can get.

:: Our friend Nick is flying into town tonight so he can work here this week. We'll be picking him up from the airport and having dinner with him tonight. Can't wait to see him!

:: If you would, I ask for prayers for this next week. As many as you can lift up. I'm feeling very anxious and need lots of peace and tranquility and calm. Thank you!!!!!

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