March 06, 2017

Becky Higgins Project Life Albums

So. Since I have gone digital with my scrapbooking in 2017, I have been very productive. I am loving it!!

I am still doing single 12x12 Project Life pages, which are just highlight pics from each week. I am also doing normal scrapbooking of our life events. 

The fun part, though, is that I have been able to knock out two album projects start to finish! I've done both of Chris' ultra marathon races. Who knows when I would've gotten to these, scrapbooking the normal way. In addition to being fast...the quality of these books is soooo nice!

I want to share these two projects with you!!

The cover of the 50 Mile Run album -- I chose turquoise for this one, and it is
a beautiful, bright color! I'm not sure what material the covers are made from,
but it is like yummy!! Soft and it!!
The embellishment pack I used for this album went along with the turquoise theme...
and I journaled throughout to capture all of the memories from that amazing day.
I chose to do an 8"x8" album, which is quite nice. I was doing 12"x12" printed albums,
and these are much  more friendly for viewing I think.
One of the great things about these albums is that they lay flat when you open
them. There is no hump or gap. The assembly is superb.
I chose red for Chris' 100 Mile Run is just as lovely! Same yummy
material, and the titles are engraved into it so you can feel it. The font is always the
same and the size is, too -- so there is always consistency there. I love consistency.
For the 100 Mile Run, I chose an embellishment pack that coordinated with the red theme...
It's so easy to place the photos...I use the app on my phone, and the photos are
already on my phone. For the 50 Mile Run, the photos were actually on my computer
instead...and Chris helped me transfer them into Drop Box, which I can then access
from my phone. It is super easy!! So I can go back and do this with a bunch of
themed albums that are needing to be done!
Here's a side view, of the album spines...again, the font is consistent and the size
is, sitting on a shelf, there will be a lot of uniformity. My initial plan is to
do our normal life albums in black...and then any themed album I do will be in a fun
color. There is also a chartruse green I can't wait to see! And possibly one other color.

So, there you have it!! My first dive into Becky Higgin's Project Life albums...and I must say, I am loving it!!!! 

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