March 07, 2017

Only Tuesday?

:: It feels like it was at least Thursday today...kind of a bummer that it is only Tuesday.

:: This is Us -- whew, tonight was sooooo good. I really love that show. I am quite sad that next week is the finale!

:: Tonight was zumba (yay!) and meal prepped dinner...then Chris got on the road to New Mexico for a work meeting. I miss him already!

:: I'm putting the finishing touches on my next felting project...he's really pretty cute! I enjoy this process so much. So glad I started doing it.

:: I'm about 65% done with our next book club book -- Traveling Light. It's been a good story so far, and a light read -- which is nice!!

:: I need to get started on a scrapbook project for hire, as well as a bridal brunch invitation...lots of creative outlets ahead!

:: I loaded a lot of our declutter sale stuff onto social media, and have actually had some good luck selling a lot of it! That makes me happy!! I still have a lot, so hopefully the sales will continue!

:: I've got about an hour left to my evening...I think I shall spend it reading while I snuggle with Poppy Sue :)

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