March 08, 2017

Today I...

...had a decent, productive day at work...and also did an hour and a half of training with a new sales manager. She's a spitfire, I like her a lot!

...had a good workout after work.

...went to Kohl's after my workout to spend my Kohl's cash, Kohl's rewards, etc...altogether, I had $45 to spend (it expired today and had to be used), I saw my friend that works there, and she gave me a 30% discount too! Whoop!! Unfortunately, sometimes I just have trouble finding anything to buy when I have money to spend. I circled the store twice. I had gone in wanting to get a new pair of black flat shoes and possibly a nude color pair as well. I didn't like any that they had. So then I wandered. Finally, I settled on: two pair of earrings (one to replace the pair where I lost one, found it in the parking lot at work, but it had broken); a cute tank top; and 3 bottles of Essie nail polish. It took much longer than expected, and I was starving!!

...texted a few times with Chris...he made is safely to New Mexico and had a good day of meetings. They are all going out to eat this evening.

...made good progress in my book -- I'm at 85% now. I'm liking the story.

...sold some more goodies from my social media sale!

And...that's about it! Time to relax!!

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