April 17, 2017

Tough Day

:: Today was extremely busy, riddled with large problems, and a race to accomplish a long list of things that have to be done before I leave for three days. I'm exhausted. I worked until 6:30 and have one more day to get it all done. Including a little training in case something comes up while I'm gone.

:: In even worse news...we (and by that, I mean Chris) just killed a baby rattle snake on our driveway. It was curled up behind our big trash can. Lovely.

:: In great news though, I received a birthday gift today from my mom and Randy!!! It is a gorgeous Brighton necklace that can be worn two different ways! So clever! I love it, it's so pretty! I'm wearing it tomorrow!

:: Chris felt a little sickly yesterday but is feeling better today. Not 100% but better. He's missed two days of workouts, but I am proud of him for laying low.

:: And now, I shall go stare at a wall for awhile.

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