May 23, 2017

Tuesday's Thoughts

:: It was chilly today, which is kind of odd for us at the end of was about 62 degrees. The big storm we had brought in a cold front it seems.

:: Chris did an hour and a half run this morning, and got caught in a storm...I went to find him and bring him home, and out of two possible routes, ended us guessing the wrong one :) So as I'm driving back I got the text from him, saying he was home. And drenched!

:: Work was good...I've been able to catch up on some things to a point where I am able to get in some things I never have time for. So that is a good feeling.

:: After work, I was able to do the Zumba class and that made me happy happy! I haven't been able to do it in about three weeks I believe...I've missed it!

:: I got my next Stitch Fix delivery, and if you follow me on Instagram you saw the pieces. I asked for all tops this time, and there were some cute ones. I only somewhat liked one of them on, and decided against it in the end. I just didn't love it. So it was a 0/5 for this Fix. I had Kimberly styling this box,and she at least addressed my request for my girl Kallie -- she said that she in "on leave" and she doesn't know when she'll be returning. Sad sad. I miss her. My Fixes haven't been the same without her.

:: My scrapbook-for-hire is now in its owner's hands, and she loved it! So that is done and paid for, yay! I'll begin working on album #2 soon, whenever we get my laptop situation figured out and I have Photoshop again. The next batch of photos is on a jump drive so I will have to color correct and size those, then get them printed.

So that's about it for my day today!!

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