May 22, 2017

Weird day

Today was interesting...I dressed in my black slacks and a blouse, but when I got out I got into the sunlight I noticed that I had white muck all over the black pants. But...too late, I was already heading to work. So I felt off with that, and decided to try to clean them off at lunch. That didn't work, so I changed into my long black skirt instead. It wasn't one of my normal outfits, so it, too, felt a little weird. Not a good day for that today!

I had an anxious day. Felt it all day, and not sure why exactly. Very on edge.

I did have a fun mail day today though! I received my new Kate Spade purse (it's beautiful!) and my next Fix too. I asked for all shirts this time, and I received five cute ones. After my initial try on, I will probably only keep one of them...but I did like the style of them all!

Chris is cutting the had gotten tall again, and he didn't have time for it over the weekend (plus, it rained). When he gets done, we'll eat some meal prepped dinner and relax.

Tomorrow I am going to give the scrapbook I created to the lady who ordered it! I'm excited and hope that she loves it! Then I need to get serious about working on the digital wedding album for my friend's daughter...that will take some time. Just today got the jump drive with all the high quality photos. So, it's time! The photos are gorgeous and I can't wait to work on it.

I am currently without a Netflix series to watch -- not sure what is next for me. The things that people recommend lately just don't seem interesting to me.

I finished my book for Book Club and thought it was a very sweet, good story. I quite enjoyed it. It was a good choice, one I wouldn't have read on my own.

Ok, for now I say goodbye!

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