May 21, 2017

Weekend Recap

:: Friday after work, Chris and I had dinner at Cracker Barrel. We have a lot of gift cards and we decided to use some of them up this weekend! Nothing like a free dinner! It's kind of difficult to stay on Whole30 (60) there, but I did my best. I had a grilled trout fillet, a dry salad and some fresh apple slices. Then, we relaxed!

:: Saturday, Chris had a long workout. I put in my online grocery order, went to Hobby Lobby for some things, and met him for lunch at Subway. Then we came home and I finished up my scrapbook for hire, yay!! Chris washed both of our cars and they look brand new now! Then we had another free dinner, this one at Texas Roadhouse. Mmmm! Then I did some reading and Chris worked on his bike a bit, fine tuning gears, etc. I also finished Bridget Jones' Baby (it was cute) and caught up on Grey's Anatomy -- it was the season finale, and it was pretty good.

:: Sunday, I picked up my groceries and then had to go pick up Chris and Kiki -- they were doing an hour and a half ride together, followed by a run...and Chris had a flat tire on his bike! I swapped out into the truck and picked them up. Chris got on his mountain bike instead and off they went again! I then did the meal prep and laundry, and now I am pooped!!!

:: Mimi and Aspen are about to go see a movie together, so it will be a quiet evening...

:: The week ahead -- work will be busy busy, and Chris has a business dinner on Tuesday evening. Beyond that, we may go to Lubbock for a day or two this weekend so Chris can practice in the lake there. I'm excited for a long weekend, woo hoo!

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