May 19, 2017

Yay Weekend!

Oh, I love Friday at 5:00!!! Time for the weekend!

I'm waiting on Chris and then we are going to head somewhere for dinner...not sure where yet. I'm doing my Whole60 and he's eating as clean as possible for his training -- so it won't be anywhere tooooo fun :)

I'm not sure what our weekend holds. I do know that I need to go to Hobby Lobby for a list of things, and I want to try to finish the scrapbook-for-hire. I think I have 6 more pages? I can turn on some Netflix and settle into some creative time for that. Beyond that -- we shall see!

Update on my laptop hard drive -- the data company is able to retrieve the data -- for a hefty price. Chris is going to talk with them to see if we can just retrieve the data we really need. We shall see on that, too.

It stormed a lot last night...I hope we have a clear weekend. I'm not a fan of the rain, and my allergies certainly don't like it.

Hope you all have a super weekend ahead!!

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