July 04, 2017

4th of July

Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope you had a great one...good food and time to relax!

:: It was so nice to be off work today!!! Whoop!

:: Ours was pretty low-key...we slept in a little and then had breakfast together. Then Chris went on a two hour bike ride (he's still allowing his calf time to heal, and the bike doesn't bother it). He did end up busting out two spokes on his front wheel on his last leg toward the house, and I had to go and pick him up. It's always something, with the biking!

:: We worked on some things around the house most of the day...and I ran to Target, too, to get a few things we needed. I also found a cute blue jean tank top that is so soft and will go with colored shorts and patterned skirts...I tried on some other things for our upcoming cruise, but didn't like any of it. I was happy with the shirt though!

:: It rained a bit this evening...not sure what that will do for fireworks this evening. Once it gets dark, we are going to possibly sit up on our deck and watch the neighborhood show...we shall see!

:: We grilled for dinner this evening...sausage tacos and cilantro lime rice. It was quite tasty!!!

:: Back to work tomorrow for the remainder of the week...I have three meetings tomorrow. Whew.

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