July 05, 2017

Big Life Changes!!

Well! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you most likely saw a post today about US SELLING OUR HOUSE!!!!

Here's a little more detail :)

For about a year and half now, Chris and I have been talking and dreaming...we are in a unique position with our house, where if sold, we can pay off ALL of our debt, pay cash for some big things, and still have a hefty chunk leftover, too...but then it got a little overwhelming when thinking about everything we needed to do to the house to get it ready for the market.

So, we talked but made no progress.

About two months ago, we decided to just bite the bullet and have our realtor come over to see everything and give us her thoughts. That helped ignite an excitment in us, and her list of "things to do" was much smaller than ours...and she helped us get in contact with the people who could help us get those things done. We were plugging right along...marking things off the list. We have a few cracked tiles that need to be replaced in the kitchen, so we were waiting for that to unfold before we officially put the house on the market. Our realtor, Teri, was hoping it would be ready for 4th of July weekend. We weren't sure that would happen, because they are having to order our tile and it's turning into a process.

I was home at lunch on Tuesday, 6.27 -- and Teri called me. She said there was a couple in town for just that day, who was in our price range, and had looked at 3 other houses and didn't like them. They wanted to know if they could see our house, even though it wasn't on the market yet. Ummm!! The house was NOT in any shape to be showing, but I rushed around in 20 minutes and got it as tidy as possible, then put the dogs in the car and drove around with them for an hour while the couple looked at the house. They put an offer on it that evening!!!!!

I've always heard of things like this happening, but it is really pretty crazy when it happens to you!! We feel like God is definitely moving in all of this, and is letting it unfold in His timing. We feel very "nudged" by God to: simplify; downsize; get rid of STUFF; live more for experiences; become debt free. All good stuff, but all very big life changes!! He is honoring us in our attempt to honor his nudges. It's amazing to witness!!

Our closing date will be August 14 -- the timing is a bit tricky, in that our 10th Anniversary cruise is the week before. So, there is a lot to coordinate. More to come on what our future plans are -- we are still trying to finalize those thoughts and get them into action. It's going to be a fun and amazing journey, and I am excited to share it with all of you!!!!!!

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WOW - lots of changes! PTS

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