July 06, 2017

My Day & A Part of the Plan

:: This week -- whew! It's a short one, which always seems to have a lot packed into four days. Work has been a bit hectic, and then throw in all the stuff we're doing with the house. Overload!!

:: This evening was book club -- we had a small group and it was nice. We talked about the book a bit, but there was not a lot of meat there. We still enjoyed our time together though! Our next book is going to be The Zookeeper's Wife...should be interesting! For now, I am carrying on with Eragon.

:: One portion of our future plan will involve a smaller house where Mimi and Aspen plan to live together! We found a cute townhouse in a good area that would suit all of their needs, and we've been working the past few days to get the offer settled. The owner is an elderly woman who has just moved in to an assisted living area, and she's been a little more difficult to deal with than necessary. However, we were excited to learn that our contract was accepted today...so now we move forward with that plan! It will need to appraise for the cost, otherwise we are able to back out of the contract and get our earnest money back. Please say some prayers for this situation, so everything goes smoothly. We are on a limited time frame here!

:: Now I am home from book club and need to get a few things done...until next time!!

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Prayers for plans!

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