July 09, 2017

Weekend Recap

Whew!! I am TIRED!!!! We've had a very full and busy weekend!

:: Friday evening, we worked out, and then headed to pick up a loaner truck for the weekend. A second part of our future plan involves Chris and I greatly downsizing and simplifying -- we're planning to purchase a 5th wheel travel trailer to live in full-time for awhile!!! It is even better because we can also pick up and travel a bit too, when desired!! Unfortunately, the current truck that Chris has isn't powerful enough to pull very much, trailer-wise. They are all a lot smaller, and aren't really spacious enough for everyday living. They are more for weekend warriors. So...we test drove this more powerful truck to see if we want to go that route. The truck was very nice -- and huge!!! I even drove it a bit, and I felt like it was a bus! After we picked it up, we had dinner at Red Robin (with a gift card, whoop!) and then headed home for packing, etc.

:: Saturday early afternoon, Chris and I headed to the RV place to look at the trailers we've narrowed it down to. We looked them over very thoroughly and I believe we have it narrowed down to the winner -- if we get the new powerful truck! Exciting!! It is amazing how much space these trailers actually have...you'd be surprised! Then we went and looked at the two RV parks in town...so we've got a decision to make there. The thing with RV parks - they have all the hookups you need, and there is cable, wifi, electricity, water, etc...it's easy to hookup. We'll start off here and see what we think -- then go from there! Saturday evening, we went to dinner at Jason's Deli and then did more packing...

:: Sunday, I picked up my grocery order and we took back the loaner truck. Then, I worked all day on getting things put on social media for selling -- and had some great success!!! Things are really moving along there. Made some decent money and getting stuff sold!! Felt really, really good...and exciting, to feel the "stuff" slipping away and moving us toward freedom! The sad part of the day was when my scrapbook table left with its new owner...that was a good table all these years...really got my use out of it!!

:: Now...I am exhausted!!! And we are about to head into a very crazy work week -- the summer sales meeting and summer party. It will be stressful and chaotic...paired with all the crazy and overwhelming big life changes we've got happening outside of work...well it is bound to be something!!! Prayers would be so appreciated, thanks!!!!

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