July 10, 2017


Hello all -- blog posts may be a bit scarce this week.

As you know, our life is a bit overwhelming right now with all the big life changes and the tight time frame...and then this week at work is our big summer sales meeting which = STRESS and CHAOS. I also have to present on Friday -- I'm the last speaker right before they leave for the airport! Prayers would be appreciated!

All that to say -- I'm honestly about tapped out, mentally.

I'm also working on getting a second blog started...Chris and I want to have a place dedicated to sharing our story and journey that we are going through now and the years ahead...what we're doing, what our plans our, what we are learning along the way. As I have more to say on that topic right now than anything else...I should really work on that!

So for tonight...I say goodbye!! :)

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