July 11, 2017

Making It Through

:: Well, it wasn't the best day out there...but it ended ok. Sometimes things happen, and they just drain the life out of me...I shall live to see tomorrow! We got things squared away...moving on.

:: Tonight I sold a few more things, and had more stuff picked up from the house! This evening it was Pat, who recently retired from our company. It was so good to see her again!! More people coming by tomorrow evening. Making some money and so thankful these people are helping take these things off our hands!

:: Thursday is our summer work party -- the Dig Gig! It's out at a place called Denton Valley Farms and we'll be having dinner inside a nice building. There are opera performers and waitstaff coming down from Pennsylvania and it is supposed to be quite a good show. Should be interesting!

:: Thursday is also Day 60 of my Whole60! Crazy to think it is almost over. I plan to continue on for the most part. 6 days clean, 1 day where I can eat more fun things if I decide to. I'm feeling really good and still have a little more weight to lose...so onward I go, for the most part.

:: Working on some loan application stuff this evening and it is stressing me out a bit...I need to go veg now.

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Keep seeing tomorrow...PTS

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