July 12, 2017

No Bueno

This day -- it was not my friend. It's always interesting to me how things pile up in one day -- why can't it be spread out a little more? For my brain that is already feeling way overwhelmed...well it all just about did me in this afternoon/evening.

:: We heard back on the things we asked the seller of the townhouse to fix (that were on the inspection)...this elderly woman has been very, very difficult to work with. She pretty much refused to do all of it but one small thing. So now, we decide whether we are willing to pay cash out of our pockets to fix the big things. We are so far into this now and we are working on a very tight time frame...to back out now and begin something brand new just doesn't seem possible. Plus, this townhouse is perfect for the girls because there is no yard to take care of, it's in a safe area, and there are some great updated things. Currently there is nothing else for sale in our price range with the things we are needing. So...we move forward and see how it goes. This royally pissed me off at first and everything went downhill from there.

:: Not long after I found this out, the tile guy called me. He was at our house working on taking up some cracked tiles that he needs to replace. He was having some issues too, and needed us to come home and look at some things. Turns out we have come up with a solution with him, thankfully...and the tiles that were ordered, that looked way too light upon seeing them, looked sooooo close to our tiles once he put the enhanced sealer on them. So that was a bright spot.

:: Upon arriving hom, we discovered that the electricity was out in our neighborhood. It was out for quite awhile, and that meant I was unable to cook dinner or even warm anything up in the microwave. Oi.

:: So back into town I went to Heff's to pick up some dinner...which was a mistake. Last time we ate there I declared we weren't going back.We should have stuck with that. It took 25 minutes to get our food (this is fast food!!) and then when I asked her before leaving for an extra gravy -- she went back in the back to get it and didn't come back out! I stood there for a few minutes, and when she did finally come out, she walked right past me and started waiting on another couple. So I just left. After the day I had had, I was surely going to bite her head off, and I just needed to leave. So, 100% we are not going back.

:: I also called the Mini storage company today, because we hadn't heard back from them after reserving a storage unit for delivery on their website. He and I played phone tag, and on my way home from Heff's I had a voicemail from him. He had not received our request, but he was super nice and told me to leave him a message tomorrow with the details and he'll get it set up for me. He called at 7:00 pm because his delivery guy was out all day and he had to do it all himself...and he had a motto to always return calls the same day they were received, and he wanted to honor that. I thought that was very good...I'll be calling him tomorrow.

Please pray for my sanity. Lots of big, big prayers.

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