July 19, 2017

Getting Stuff Done

:: Mmmmmm...I just enjoyed a bowl of frozen blueberries topped with almond milk...my fave. So yummy.

:: After work this evening, I: got my allergy shot; picked up the dry cleaning; picked up a birthday gift for Aspen. When I got home, our realtor Teri came by to see the state of our tile floor. I love this woman...she is always very matter of fact and makes a plan and I feel so much better having it in her hands. Stay tuned.

:: Chris' presentation was today and it went great!! He is really talented at public speaking, so I knew he would do well. Very proud of him, always!

:: I started moving more stuff out to the garage for our garage sale this Saturday...it was SO HOT. I was dripping sweat. This heat is killing me! I was able to get most of it out there...Chris can help me with the rest!

:: Some friends came over to pick up a bed frame and mattress set...another thing out the door!

:: Now it's 9:00 and I think I will go take a bath with a bath bomb and call it a night...

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