July 18, 2017


Our tile project is going to be the end of me, I dare say...

After walking on the sealed tile as little as possible, after 24 hours the seal was just not settling into the stone in our kitchen. It was greasy and sticky and looked like crap.

After texting and talking with he tile guy, he thinks whatever seal was put on it 5 years ago has prevented the new seal from soaking in. Which has caused a big mess.

And don't even get me started on the 9 new tiles that currently look too light compared to the rest of the floor.

Chris and I both scrubbed the floor on our hands and knees this evening, getting up the gook. That at least is gone now, but the floor does not look good. May Day May Day!

My brain can just not fathom what to do next. He's coming out tomorrow to put another coat of seal on the 9 new tiles to try and darken them. And he'll check out the rest and see what can be done.

I feel like throwing myself on the floor and weeping.

Other than this, we're dealing with stuff with the bank (which stresses me out) and work is busy busy. I also had to drive to the mall to order the cookie cake for Aspen's birthday this weekend -- I tried calling them, and they don't do orders over the phone. Are we still living in 1980? Good grief. While there thought, it was a great opportunity to go to Bucketheads to get the "It's 5 O'Guac Somewhere" shirt that I've been wanting! Wearing it on Thursday this week (casual day!).

Please say some prayers for:

:: Our tile dilemma!!!!
:: Chris' business trip to Denver, specifically his presentation
:: My sanity!!!!

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