July 17, 2017

Time is Ticking

:: Everyday, we get closer and closer to our end date...and everyday we try to accomplish something! It's a little nerve wracking, thinking of just how few days we have left to accomplish everything. I try not to think about it too closely.

:: Today, the tile guy came out and did the grout and then sealed the whole kitchen floor. That was unexpected because we thought he was doing that tomorrow...so we have pretty much not been able to be in the kitchen or any adjoining rooms all day today. If we had known, we could have planned for that. So it made lunch very tricky, and it made the whole day tricky for Mimi who had to keep the dogs locked up in her room. We're not sure about it yet. He was able to get the chair scrape patches fixed up, and we had a big, odd circle that he was able to remove too. But the new tiles look much lighter than the rest. I think he's going to need to put the enhancer sealer on a few more coats. Hopefully that will work. This process has not been fun.

:: The other day we had a big spring on our garage door break. That had to be fixed.

:: Today we had issues with our front door lock. Ever heard of Murphy's Law?

:: The good news is that we believe we've gotten the little AC units fixed in our shop and upstairs room...that has taken awhile. No one could seem to figure it out. The guy today thinks that some wires were crossed. The rooms are cooling nicely at the moment.

:: We are having a garage sale on Saturday...so I worked on getting things ready for that this evening. Unfortunately the kitchen floor is putting on a halt on any further work. So here I am.

:: I'm going to do some Google searching on good closet storage...

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