October 08, 2017

Week and Weekend Recap

Hello there!

:: Chris is back into full swing with triathlon training...and boy, does Adsy really pile it on! The last training was for a half-tri, and that was pretty time consuming...I'm not sure how Chris will be able to fit all this training time for a full triathlon into his days...but I know he will find a way!

:: Friday evening, he had a long swim workout, then he visited Mimi and then picked up Little Ninja for us. Mmm mmm! We then decided to continue watching more of The 100...still working our way through that series.

:: Saturday, Chris had a long workout. I cleaned and did some laundry. It was great because I also took a little nap with the puppers!! Yay!! Then we ran some errands and had dinner at Casa. Afterwards, we met Mimi out at Jojo's and visited with Aspen and listened to some live music they had out there. That was fun! Then when we got home, we watched more of The 100.

:: Sunday, I finished up the laundry and did the grocery shopping. I also worked on our bedroom closet a bit. We still have a bit too much there, so I did a little more decluttering. It feels much better now. I also pulled out some of my winter shoes, etc. This nice Fall weather has been so gorgeous! Chris had a long run and a swim workout, and when he got home he wasn't feeling well. :( So we decided not to go to the wedding we had on plan for the evening for a sweet girl at work. Sad to miss their special day, but Mr. Baber rarely feels unwell...so we will just have a quiet, low-key evening.

:: I got my hair colored on Thursday evening...my hair has been weird lately and not making me happy. Kasi and I talked about it a bit. I feel like the texture has been different, and the color near my roots has been turning a weird brassy color as the weeks go by. She says texture can change as we get older (blah!!) and also that stress affects it. Well. Stupid stress! I've been making some changes to try to improve things...using a higher quality shampoo, a high quality smoothing serum, using less heat when blow drying, and hitting it with some cold water before I get out of the shower. It's looking a little better today.

:: The week ahead...a dentist appointment tomorrow, and then this weekend we are going to the drag races in Ennis! We upgraded a bit this year, so our experience will be a little different than the last few years. We are so looking forward to it! This is one of Baber's favorite things!

Have a great week everyone!

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