January 07, 2018

Weekend Recap

We are one week into the New Year and so far, so good...

:: Friday, we had the pleasure of a nice dinner with Jon and Nadene...we went to Copper Creek and laughed and talked and ate lots of good food! Time spent with them is always a blessing to us both.

:: Saturday, Chris had a long workout and I went into town to Hobby Lobby. I have five more pages to do in my scrapbook for hire, and needed to get more scrapbook supplies for them. The rest of the day was pretty relaxing! That evening, we went to The Mill for a going-away get-together for Vanessa and Caleb. They are now on their way to the Philippines to do mission work for a few years. We'll miss them! It was a fun evening with laughter and stories.

:: Sunday, we cleaned house and did laundry and grocery shopped. The rest of the day has been relaxing and we are planning to watch the Golden Globes this evening.

:: Week One of my Whole30 has been great! I'm officially over the awful headache detox day, so the coming three weeks should be good!!

The coming week looks to be normal and fairly quiet...we shall see how it turns out! Hope you have a great one!

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