July 11, 2016

Stitch Fix #15

It's hard to believe that I just received my fifteenth Fix from Stitch Fix! I've had fifteen exciting deliveries and I love this service! My stylist, Kallie, has gotten such a handle on what I like and don't like. It makes me smile! It is fun to see what she chooses for me each time.

For this fix, here were my requests:

: No chevron, jewelry, or scarves
: More casual clothing

That's it! I find I like it better when I'm less specific and just let Kallie do what she does best!

Let's take a look at Fix #15!!

Renee C Naveen Dress -- Green
This was a cute, casual dress, but didn't work for me on a number of levels. The colors weren't quite "me" -- the dark green and mustard aren't my faves. The pattern was a little too loud and busy for me. The fit was a little too baggy, and it was super short. Short in the front, but even shorter on the sides. Kallie suggested that I could pair it with leggings or shorts, but it didn't quite fit right with those. And my 40 years of age can't pull off that shortness anymore! :) VERDICT : RETURNED

Dolce Vita Darrah Strappy Sandal - Mint
I liked these pretty sandals right out of the box! They are dainty and I love the nude and white colors. They will go with everything! I can wear them to work and for casual too. They fit perfectly and are comfy too. This is an all-around win! The price was a bit more than I wanted to pay, but I couldn't resist! VERDICT : KEPT!

Dear John Finnegan Printed Cuffed Short -- Light Blue
I really like these shorts! They are a lightweight material with cute cuffs, and I really like the blue and white stripe pattern. They fit perfectly and are a good length. I can pair these with a lot of shirts that I already have, and I couldn't pass these up either! VERDICT : KEPT!

Skies are Blue Abiga Lace Detail Knit Tank -- Yellow
I was thinking that this tank would be a "yes" when I pulled it out of the box...yellow is not typically one of my faves, but this yellow is pretty. I liked the dainty quality to it, and I really liked the lacey back (though it would've been difficult to find a bra to wear with it)...once I put it on, the fit was good but I really didn't like how the bra was pretty visible in the front. The detail on it was pretty clear, and I am not a fan of that. VERDICT : RETURNED

Pixley Lety Lace Up Back Top -- Navy
Kallie said that this tank was her "adventurous pick" for me :) That gave me a chuckle! However, I don't think this was too far fetched for me! I love bright colors like pink and green, and the fit of this was cute. And I'm a sucker for a strappy back! This was a good pick! If it weren't for those $$ sandals, I would have kept this one...but I couldn't justify both! VERDICT : RETURNED

Thank you for another great fix Kallie! I am so pleased with my sandals and shorts! I really appreciate the effort you've put into getting to know me! It makes this so fun!!

** Check out the Stitch Fix topic in the sidebar to see my 14 previous Fixes!!!

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Paula@SweetPea said...

Dear John shorts are great, aren't they? I like the pair that you received and I also have two pair, one from my April Fix and the other from my July Fix. I received the same yellow top this month and I kept it but haven't worn it because I need a strapless bra. Hope to find a good one soon!

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